1st Project Meeting Stockholm March 2014

The 1st Project Meeting of UrbanRain took place in Stockholm, Sweden on 6th – 7th of March 2014. This meeting was organised and hosted by Division of Urban and Regional planning, KTH, Stockholm.


Research Team

  • Lina Suleiman and Bo Olofsson (KTH)
  • Esteban Castro (School of Geography, Politics and Sociology-Newcastle University)
  • David Sauri (Geography, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona- UAB) and
  • Timothy Moss (Research Department Institutional Change and Regional Public Goods- Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning, IRS- Erkner).


  • Hans Westland (URS, KTH), the head of our department
  • Jan-Erik Gustafsson (LWR, KTH)
  • Per-Erik Jansson (LWR, KTH)
  • Imran Ali (LWR, KTH)
  • Robert Earon (LWR,KTH)


Agenda Kick-off Project Meeting in Stockholm