Case Studies

The research will use a case study methodology and apply a mixed methods approach, which will combine qualitative and quantitative tools. The main work will comprise a systematic comparison of three case studies from Germany, Spain and Sweden. These case studies will be complemented with bibliographic and documentary research, and secondary data collection and analysis. In addition, a state-of-the-art study of European and international experiences will be delivered.

Conceptually UrbanRain draws on transition theory, planning theory, urban political ecology, polycentric governance and public goods, which are all relevant to fulfil the aim of the UrbanRain project and its specific objectives. However, no particular theory (or theories) has (have) been pre-selected to analyze the collected data. UrbanRain is open to apply the more appropriate and relevant theories to the context of each case study and for the comparative study of the three cases in order to achieve an integrative analysis and a deepening of knowledge.

Case Study Profiles:


Project Profile Årstafältet

Project Profile Hammarby Sjöstad

Project Profile Hornsgatan


Project Profile Berliner Str. 88

Project Profile Sonnig Wonnig e.V.

Project Profile IKEA Lichtenberg


Project Profile Can Cortada

Project Profile Jardinet del Pedró

Project Profile Sant Cugat del Vallès