Final Project Meeting + Final Seminar on 16th of March

The Fifth and the Final Project Meeting of UrbanRain project “Urban rainwater harvesting from niche to mainstream:  challenges and opportunities for planning” took place in Stockholm, 14 – 17 March 2017.

About 40 persons from different organizations attended the concluding seminar on Thursday, March 16, 14.00 – 17.00, where results from Barcelona, Berlin and Stockholm on “Urban rainwater harvesting from niche to mainstream: challenges and opportunities for planning” were presented.


The outcomes of the Final Seminar in the form of pdf materials are available under links below:

14:00 Welcome and Introduction to the URWH-project Dr. Lina Suleiman (KTH)
14.15 Challenges and opportunities in Barcelona Dr. David Sauri & Laura
Palau (UAB)
14:35 Berlin Urban Rain Water management Papasozomenou Ourania &
Prof. Timothy Moss (IRI THESys, HU), presentation on cases
14:55 What can we learn from cases in Stockholm? Dr. Lina Suleiman (KTH)
15:15 Refreshments
15:35 Urban rain Harvesting experiences in UK Dr. Sarah Ward (Exeter, UK)
15.55 Urban Rain Harvesting in practice Björn Embren (Stockholm
City, Traffic Administration)
16:15 Panel discussion Moderator: Prof. Bo Olofsson (KTH)

On the same day in the morning, the research team, together with some registered participants for the seminar, visited the sites where new urban open drainage systems have been implemented (Hammarby Sjöstad and Hornsgatan).